SHORT INTRODUCTION TO THIS PROJECT by Marie-Christine POLLET and Antoine CAIRO together with Pascal JARVIS - Monday January 25th 2016

Hello everyone, 


We are pleased and do feel honoured to present a substantial project to you.


This work was initiated on the basis of an idea Mr. Antoine CAIRO came up with well over 10 years ago.


Today this project is being closely monitored by Mrs Marie-Christine POLLET, a Guadeloupian History and Geography teacher acting as the leader of a dynamic team including, idea contributor, Mr. A. CAIRO, who is a Guadeloupian Physical Training teacher.


The team they formed are developing just a small portion of the actual project.




In this team there are: 


Mr. Carlomann BASSETTE, a Guadeloupian researcher who has devoted most of his working life and beyond to the study of carved rocks and especially those found on the Trois-Rivières territory.


Ms. Martine BELLENUS


Mr. Antoine CAIRO, a key contributor to the present project who really conceived the starting core of it from which everything all sprang out.


Mr. Jacques JOVIEN, the librarian for Les Roches Gravées secondary school from where this project is carried out. He also rigorously manages Radio Inters'cool, a school radio dedicated to the pupils and the teaching world in the Guadeloupe Academy and beyond.


Ms. Naleni LAMBOURDIERE is an English language teacher who was partly brought up in Guyana (Co-Operative Republic of Guyana and formerly British Guyana). Naleni is the class referent teacher for 6e Kanoa. 6e Kanoa is the class the project is carried out with. It's important to bear in mind that the project is pupil-centred. It is mainly aimed at the 6e Kanoa pupils and run together with them although it might be of interest for pupils and people beyond.


Also note that 6e formers are in fact the first formers (first graders) of lower secondary schools in Guadeloupe and in the French school system generally. 6e pupils are generally 10- to 11-year-olds.


Ms. Marie-Christine POLLET, the project manager and the History and Geography teacher for the class


Though not really a full member of the team, Pascal JARVIS acts as a rapporteur or link for this key project.










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